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Window Cleaning

Our Windows Cleaners will take care of all type of cleaning whether is Commercial, Residential or Apartment property, Be Clean Solutions will make it shine again!
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Window Cleaning Services in Dublin

No matter how tidy & clean your home is, a stained or dirty windows will always be a noticeable burden in the corner of your eye, a barrier to your complete satisfaction. Unwashed windows are even more noticeable in business centres, offices, and restaurants, where clean windows and neat facades are a business’s most important marketing tactic. We can all agree that it’s difficult to walk past a place with a sparkling shop front.

To ensure that windows do not lose their presentable appearance it is important to clean them a few times a year – in spring, and in autumn. It may not be as easy as it seems at first glance, especially when we talk about apartment buildings which tend to have many floors and may be quite a reach. In those cases, it might be necessary to think about hiring a professional cleaning company who can solve your window cleaning challenges.

Additionally you take up our discount offer of combining window cleaning with another service such as gutter cleaning or power washing!

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    Window Cleaning Process

    Our service, promising a high quality result is provided & can be organised by our qualified specialists at a time that suits our customers. A well-chosen set of cleaning solutions and detergents will ensure a clean and transparent finish for your windows. Our technical process will differ on a case-by-case basis, but in general consists of a set of guidelines:

    • Conditioning of the window surfaces with a specialised cleaning solution;
    • Using a safe scraper to remove stubborn stains and dirt;
    • Cleaning window frames and window sills using microfiber napkins;
    • Removing dust and first from the space between frames and slopes;
    • Thorough removal of the cleaning solution previously applied during the cleaning process;
    • Drying windows with a rubber squeegee

    The above processes are aimed towards cleaning and bringing your windows to perfect cleanliness. Our specialists use the latest and greatest when it comes to eco friendly household cleaning chemicals which guarantee our customers not only clean windows, but also spotless frames, window sills and drains.

    Finally, we use a dirt-repellant agent which keeps the glass shiny and streak free allowing you to enjoy a clear view of the surrounding space for a long time.

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    Why you should leave your window cleaning to professionals

    Cleaning windows without leaving streaks or scratches can prove to be difficult, which is why it’s much more practical to entrust this work to a team of professionals who know all the subtleties and secrets of the trade.

    Why you shouldn’t take on window cleaning yourself:

    • Unprofessional window cleaning to lead damaged plastics or glass which may be problematic to fix;
    • Household cleaning detergents are not suitable for real dirt, since these chemicals are usually only for maintaining cleanliness;
    • Chemicals can be harmful to your well-being if not used correctly;
    • Cleaning windows at high heights is dangerous;
    • Realistically, the time spent cleaning is not worth the saved costs;

    Professional cleaning services is also about saving the money and energy of our customers. By opting to have your windows cleaned by a professional, you are getting much more than a competitive price, but also ecological cleaning products and a high level of professionalism and quality! It’s also worth noting that window cleaning, whether it be at your home or office requires skills, experience, inventory and equipment.

    commercial window cleaning

    When do I need window cleaning services?

    Post renovation

    We focus on the newly installed windows with their surrounding frame and window sill, as well as windows in the rooms in which work was done. Oftentimes, window frames are covered with tape or adhesives which need to be carefully removed. If you find traces of paint, cement, or whitewash on your windows as an aftermath of a renovation, it’s time to contact a specialist.


    With window cleaning there should be some regularity, we found that once a season works best to maintain cleanliness. This will remove the common dust, scale and frame dirt. Fresh air enters the room through windows, so if a window is dirty all the dust, dirt and pathogenic bacteria filters through with the draft.

    Windows that are at a height

    A common problem arises in the circumstances that windows are located at a high storey of a building, definitely a risky task, which is why it’s essential that a professional is used in this case.

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    Why Be Clean Solutions for professional window cleaning?

    Dirty streaks and stains on windows are not very aesthetically pleasing and can even block out the potential natural light coming into the room. Our company specializes in window cleaning, and by reaching out you can count on us:

    • Qualified staff;
    • Affordable prices;
    • Prompt execution of jobs of any difficulty, organised well in advance or at short notice;
    • Our specialists are always available, waiting for your call;
    • Usage of professional cleaning products, not harmful for children or pets;
    • Responsible attitude towards the obligations at hand;

    Professional window cleaning guarantees a neat, fresh and cheerful result, and will have a positive affect on both home comfort and a work environment!

    Ross PatrickHaroldscross

    I rang Ion with very short notice to get my windows cleaned. Amazing job at cleaning the entire house of windows and doors. Such attention to detail and everything was spotless and done in amazing time. Thanks

    Amy O'NeillPalmerston

    Highly recommend. Ion was with us this week and did a super job on windows cleaning. Quotes and Booking was so easy. Good value, pleasant professional but most of all, skilled at getting just about anything clean as new. Delighted!

    Paul FreemanSaggart

    Ion is not only professional in terms of quality of his work but also extremely honest and reliable. I highly recommend him to do any cleaning work in your house! He did windows and gutters and I'm happy with results.

    Fiona WhiteClondalkin

    Great service. Fast, professional, responsive and gave me best price.

    Joe KeaneDublin

    Simply the best and cheap window cleaning service. Recommened!

    Alan EganDublin 4

    Will use them in future as well. They have also brilliantly cleaned all my windows. Thanks from Newbridge

    Chloe ColganBallyboden

    Can’t believe how clean the windows are now. We really appreciated care he took to make sure everything was perfect. Would happily recommend your cleaning service.

    Lucy Jones MooreBlackrock

    I was looking for a local window cleaning company that I can trust. Be Clean Solution is exactly what was needed! Our Office is on the third floor and they have all required equipment to do this job on the monthly basis. Recommended to business owners.

    Ruby FitzpatrickWindy Harbour

    Thank you for cleaned windows

    Mark KeenanGlasnevin

    Had my windows cleaned by Be clean solutions. Very professional window cleaner. I highly recommend their window cleaning service. Fast, neat and Friendly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will it take to clean my windows?

    The answer to this question depends on the number of windows in your premises, as well as their sizes and level of dirtiness. On average a project takes around two to three hours.

    Can you clean my windows in any weather conditions?

    Weather is a big factor in window cleaning. If you only require indoor cleaning, it will not be an issue. However, if you need the exterior of your windows cleaned, it’s best to be patient and wait for a clear day to schedule a cleaning service

    Could your cleaning products be dangerous to my health?

    Our experts use only the tried & tested cleaning products, ecological and safe for humans and pets alike.

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