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Sofa Cleaning Services

Your furniture is one of the biggest investments in your home, and should be cleaned and maintained by our certified sofa cleaners in Dublin
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Professional Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Be Clean Solutions offers professional cleaning of sofas and other upholstery. We will come to your home or office! Based in Dublin, our services span across the city and beyond.

It’s no surprise that sofa cleaning services are well sought after – as sofas are everywhere, houses, apartments and offices. As well as this, sofas tend to be constantly under the pressure of use and therefore need careful and regular maintenance done by professional cleaners.

Our sofa cleaning solutions allow you to customise the service according to your needs. You can combine the service with our carpet and window cleaning services to make sure your house sparkles inside and out.

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    sofa cleaning in Dublin

    Professional Cleaning Services – tell me more

    Nobody is protected from accidental stains, and using a sofa cover just isn’t enough to save your couch from germs and unpleasant smells.

    The sofa cleaning process consists of a set of complex tasks aimed at cleaning, recovering, restoring and removing difficult stains, smells and other unpleasantries from the surface of the furniture.

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    The Sofa cleaning process

    Dry cleaning of upholstery furniture is carried out in the customer’s home or office at a convenient time, arranged well in advance to suit everyone. Professional cleaning is significantly different from regular home cleaning, while the result of our work will be clearly visible upon completion:


    Determining sofa material

    This is the first and most important step for our professionals. Based on this analysis we decide the cleaning agent to be used. Not all our customers know the exact fabric of their sofa, so our qualified staff can determine the material of any soft upholstery based on its appearance and touch.


    Detergent Application

    Next, our specialists apply the cleaning detergent on to the surface of the sofa, not missing a single corner in the process! With the use of our tools the cleaning agent is applied under pressure which ensures that all folds and creases are catered for. That way, every particle of dust and dirt is forced to the surface.


    Stain Removal

    Difficult stains are forcefully but carefully rubbed out. There may be some stains that will not come off as easily as with the tools used, for example coffee stains, wine or grease. For this our professionals choose specific cleaning agents for that particular type of stain.



    When tough stains are taken on, oftentimes areas of the couch are left with soup streaks which need to be thoroughly washed away. To ensure the safe use of the upholstery after cleaning, our team carefully washes away any applied chemicals.


    Post Cleaning

    Using a steam generator, we disinfect your sofa and ensure it is protected against the development of mould. This is also vital in order to kill parasites and any germs left on your sofa.

    Why is it important to have your sofa cleaned

    Cleaning your couch on a regular basis can help preserve its presentable appearance and condition. Additionally, dust that settles within the upholstery and deep inside the couch could negatively affect the health and wellbeing of its users. To keep your house or apartment clean and fresh, sofa cleaning must be done on a regular basis. As well as this, by ordering sofa cleaning services you are preserving and prolonging its life and soft service to you!

    Dust not the only problem that arises with a sofa that’s not cleaned, but also ticks. As we know, ticks occur and propagate in furniture that is not looked after. Only professional cleaning detergents have the capacity to eradicate parasites and germs. By reaching out to professionals like Be Clean Solutions you are actually saving on costs. At first glance it may seem that getting professional help may be a costly expense but at the same time you should consider the fact that you will not be prepared to spend money, time and effort in acquiring the professional cleaning equipment and effective cleaning detergents.

    sofa cleaning services

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    cleaning sofa

    An affordable and practical solution for your home

    Be Clean Solutions offers a full spectrum of cleaning solutions specifically catered for your upholsteries, including leather sofas.

    We can endlessly talk about our arsenal of advantages and perks:
    • State of the art inventory used specifically for sofa cleaning;
    • Qualified specialists;
    • Effective cleaning detergents which are hypoallergenic and are safe for kids and pets;
    • Post cleaning protection to ensure a fresh and satisfying couch-sitting experience for years to come;
    • Guaranteed top quality work standards;
    • Removal of stains and smells of any difficulty;
    • Affordable and relevant cleaning prices

    Our team at Be Clean Solutions can firmly guarantee our customers a top quality cleaning service of their sofa and upholstery. Not only will your couch be clear of dust, which there tends to be common, but you can also forget about the parasites and germs for which dust is an ideal breeding environment.

    The appearance of your sofa will be restored due in part to our specialised cleaning agents, adding a soft and bright touch to your upholstery, which had been lost due to dust and stains.

    Ana MurphyDundrum

    Be clean solutions arrived on time, worked efficiently and now my sofa looks better than it ever has. Highly recommend for cleaning your sofa!

    Frank O'ConnorTyrrellstown

    House smells great after the no-chemical clean. Would certainly recommend for everypne who needs a professional sofa cleaning. Thanks guys

    Mary WalshFonthill

    I was moving out of my property and needed a proper professional deep clean. My sofa was cream, with a lot of marks present and general darker traffic areas that had never been able to come out 100%. Ion provided absolutely the best sofa cleaning services possible! I glad I found the right company for this work.

    Emilia O'SullivanArtane

    Good job cleaning sofa and two carpets. 5 stars

    Julia ByrneHaroldscross

    great experience. Professional sofa cleaning and very dedicated to the best result!

    Chloe McCarthyRathmines

    Very prompt and affordable service. Excellent job of removing dirt from my sofa. Would definitely recommend.

    Mark PeterDublin

    They cleaned sofa, five chairs, carpet and kitchen. Just wow! All of that in just less then 4 hours. Love it.

    John McCarthyDublin 3

    Be Clean Solutions did an amazing job of cleaning the sofa from the 1980's and now it looks brand new. I think we'll do a carpet next!

    Angela O'NeillHarcourt

    They did a great job cleaning my carpet, rugs, sofa and chairs. Would definitely recommend their cleaning services.

    Lulu KonovalenkoLucan

    Looking for a professional sofa cleaning service in Dublin. Ion and his team are absolutely the best!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take for my sofa to dry after a cleaning service?

    The upholstery of your sofa does not take long to dry in usual scenarios, it depends on factors like room temperature and humidity, and how aggressive the cleaning service was. Usually, you can use your couch in 2 to 5 hours after cleaning.

    Why shouldn't I clean my sofa myself?

    By cleaning by yourself, you most likely would not be able to rid your sofa of the embedded dust and grease without using specific cleaning tools and detergents. You may even worsen the situation. Cleaning agents which are intended for home use would not have the capacity to clean out deeper stains.

    Using a regular hoover to remove dust is also not the way to go as it simply isn’t powerful enough, and doing this often & aggressively can result in eventual scuffs, scrapes and a loose fabric on your sofa.

    It is unlikely that you will have the time and energy to pick out the required cleaning detergents based on your sofa material, but that’s very important as you could potentially cause damage and discoloration.

    Our qualified team knows exactly what it takes to rid your sofa of difficult stains which would be difficult to remove using home appliances.

    Few understand that by taking on the task of cleaning your sofa by yourself could result in permanent damage which even professionals would later not be able to restore. This is why you should straight away reach out to those that know what they’re doing.

    Could cleaning detergents be potentially dangerous & toxic?

    Modern cleaning products used by our professionals are 100% safe for humans. You can safely sit your child down on the couch right after we clean it!

    By cleaning your sofa at least once a year, you are actually prolonging its life span. The fibres within your sofa raise a little during the cleaning process and because of this it not only becomes cleaner, but also softer.

    Our experts use only environmentally friendly & hypoallergenic cleaning products, while maintaining the high quality ingredients guaranteed to bring out the shine in your sofa. You may rest assured that after a professional cleaning, your sofas will be not only fresh and cosy, but also absolutely safe for your health. We only have certified products from verified manufacturers in our arsenal!

    How to tell if a sofa is due for cleaning?

    Deciding whether or not your couch needs a cleaning service is completely up to you. Consider inspecting your sofa in a good lighting environment. A magnifying glass may be used to identify stains.

    It’s important to understand that a dirty sofa does not only mean vivid stains and streaks, but also the accumulation of sweat, dead skin cells (eww, I know) etc that embeds itself into the upholstery. Due to a large amount of dirt and grease the surface of your sofa adopts a dark colour which becomes very obvious very quickly.

    You can also analyse and make a comparison between your sofa at its current state, and either areas that haven’t been used much to date, or for example a sample of the same upholstery material. You will notice the difference in shade and feel.

    What kind of equipment do you use in the sofa cleaning process?

    Our specialists work with the state of the art equipment and tools to clean your sofa. We are talking about rotary machines, extractors, vacuum cleaners, steam generators of time proven manufacturers.

    Our tools are fully capable of coping with any task at hand. You should not worry about the state of your furniture after completion, as it will only look, feel, and smell better once we’re done with it!

    How do I get rid of any unpleasant odors from my sofa?

    If your sofa upholstery does not smell great it might be an indication of its dirtiness and presence of bacteria. It’s not recommended to take on this task yourself but instead reach out to a professional for help. A team of specialists will first use stain removers and other solutions, and only after that the sofa is deodorized! By taking this into your own hands (spraying with deodorant for example) you could potentially worsen the situation to the point where it may even be difficult for a professional to mend, so it’s best to not take that risk for the good of your furniture.

    How often should I clean my sofa?

    Most people make the effort to wipe dust off, wash the floor and bring out the garbage every day, but few pay due attention to taking care of the upholstery that is in every home.

    We recommend getting your sofa cleaned once every 2-3 months. This is all individual of course and depends on how often the couch is used, but generally getting it cleaned on a quarterly basis can not only improve its appearance but also prevent aging and keep its original appearance for as long as possible.

    Most people only think of professional cleaning when push comes to shove, i.e when large stains begin to form, and a failed attempt at resolving the issue with a wet wipe! It’s important to also note that hoovering a sofa may not be sufficient as this only temporarily fixes the problem. Hoovers can only clear dust off the surface of the upholstery, so getting a professional to do a more thorough job is unquestionable.

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