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Rug Cleaning

We are proud providing the best possible clean for your rugs. We’ve left rugs like new in businesses and homes across all Dublin and we’d love to show you what we can do!
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Professional Rug Cleaning Dublin

Rugs are highly prone to dirt, dust and debris and they trap allergens and bacteria too. Deep lumps of dirt are difficult to remove with a regular vacuum cleaner. Understanding this problem, Be Clean Solutions offers professional rug cleaning services in Dublin. We clean all types of rugs with the same proficiency and skills.

Our company specialise in professional rug and carpet cleaning and can also assist you with sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, and more. All of our services are hassle free, highly effective and are available for both residential and commercial properties in the Dublin area.

Count on Be Clean Solutions for your rug cleaning tasks and the technicians will make sure to give that professional touch that will get all the nasty stains out of your textile floor coverings! Organise a consultation by calling +353 87 434 0043 or through our contact form. Get your rugs and carpets cleaned at the most competitive prices. Our super friendly team at Be Clean Solutions are always ready to respond to your queries and questions.

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    Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning Solutions

    Dublin Rug Cleaners promise Eco-friendly rug cleaning solutions. In addition to being technologically advanced the chemicals we use are guaranteed safe for the environment which is a top priority both for us and for the majority of our customers. These products are certified to be non-toxic, and completely safe for use with children and pets.

    Stain Prevention

    The best way to avoid nasty stains on your rug is to actively use our eco-friendly stain prevention products. Although no carpet is completely resistant to all stains, our Dublin rug cleaning company offers the best in stain prevention which will give you the best chance at fighting any unwanted stains in the future.

    Rug Maintenance

    Rugs and carpets will always be prone to the accumulation of unwanted dirt and dust particles over time. This is why it’s important to regularly maintain them so as to not damage the carpet fibres. Our experts provide regular maintenance so that your carpet or rug always stays in an ideal condition.

    Pet Urine Staining Removal

    Be Clean Solutions is the perfect solution in Dublin for removing pet urine from your beloved rugs. Acting quickly is key here to prevent the acidity of the urine from damaging the rtug fibres, so we strongly recommend that you call us immediately and let our team of professionals get started.

    Rug Protection

    In order to preserve the aesthetic look of your rug, it is paramount to protect it. The professionals at Be Clean Solutions in Dublin can protect your carpets and rugs from any unwanted stains using our non-toxic and eco-friendly protection formula.

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    We are one of the top cleaning professionals in Dublin. At Be Clean Solutions we believe every customer comes first. Call us today if you need a professional cleaning service you can rely on.
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    Benefits of Rug Cleaning Dublin

    Green And Eco-Friendly

    Our solutions are safe for all members of your family including pets.

    Rugs Dry Within Hours

    Our unique drying process means you can use your rugs within just hours of cleaning.

    Rugs Cleaned At Your Home

    That’s right! No need to have your rugs missing for days, they can now be cleaned, dried and ready to use on the same day.

    Rugs Look And Feel Like New Again

    Our specialised rug solutions not only clean but also condition the rug fibers, leaving them softer and brighter.

    professional rug cleaning

    We clean all types of rugs

    Are you looking for the best prices on rug cleaning and a modern guide for their maintenance? Look for nothing but the best carpet cleaning services in Dublin. The cleaners at Be Clean Solutions are right at your doorstep. We dust, clean and dry rugs using highly efficient and effective rug cleaning technologies.


    Oriental Rug Cleaning

    We treasure your oriental rug as much as you do. Whether you have a handmade wool rug or a silk oriental rug, we will take care of it with the highest industry standards.


    Wool Rug Cleaning

    Wool rugs have the most durable natural fiber rugs. We use the same techniques for rug washing that have been used for hundreds of years combined with new modern rug cleaning techniques.


    Persian Rug Cleaning

    When it comes to Persian rugs, we have decades of experience cleaning and repairing these handcrafted masterpieces. Rest assured your wool and silk Persian rugs are in the hands of our best rug masters.


    Silk Rug Cleaning

    We know you love your silk rug for its shine and unprecedented soft texture. Our cleaning process and products will ensure your silk rug keeps its silky softness for years to come.


    Cowhide Rug Cleaning

    Cowhide and sheepskin rug cleaning are best left for professional rug cleaners. We have custom formulated cleaning products that specifically meet requirements for all your hide rugs.


    Flokati Rug Cleaning

    We understand that people run into problems when it comes to fluffy flokati rug cleaning. That’s why you should leave cleaning your beautiful flokati rugs and our experienced rug cleaning service.

    Call Be Clean Solutions for a quote on +353 87 434 0043

    cleaning rug

    Proven Rug Cleaning Methods

    An expensive rug is an investment which you can pass on to your children. Below, you can learn more about the cleaning methods the rugs cleaning technicians usually apply and thanks to which they always achieve perfect results:

    • Deep rug cleaning: suitable for old and very soiled rugs;
    • Steam carpet cleaning: used for durable materials and for thorough disinfection;
    • Foam cleaning: a special method for delicate, natural, decorative, antique, hand-knotted and luxurious materials. The method adds no liquid products or water to eliminate the risk of shrinking and tearing and it is appropriate for suede, linen and 100% wool;
    • Stain and spot removal: we remove all types of spots: blood, red wine, coffee, tea, grass, urine and etc. The remedies are pet- and kid-friendly;
    • Shampoo rug cleaning: very popular method for refreshment and restoring the fluffiness, the bright shades and the softness of the rug;
    • Hoovering: important to reduce the dust and to protect you from allergic reactions and rug mites;
    • Deodorizing: upon request and combined with modern bad odour removal approaches;
    • Insect and extra stain protection: procedures upon request;

    Contact Us to Refresh Your Rugs

    All you need to do is pick up your phone and dial +353 87 434 0043! You will then get a great deal for rug cleaning and all your questions answered. Depending on our availability, we can be at your door steps within an hour after you’ve placed your order! We also work during weekends and Bank holidays. Late night & early morning calls are yet another advantage of choosing us. Don’t wait any longer – call us now and we’ll bring back your precious rug or carpet it’s original shine & smoothness!

    cleaning rug in Dublin
    Billie ColonRathgar

    Very Great job. Was amazed to see the results. Rug is like new

    Rebecca AllenCastleknock

    I can’t speak highly enough about their service, cleaners did an absolutely great job on my rugs and carpets, they came up looking like new.

    Carlos SanchezChapelizod

    After professional rug cleaningit looks just like new,he service worth every penny.

    Rishav JoshiHowth

    Rug and sofa smell and feel fantastic and clean

    Ralph EdwardsDonnybrook

    Top guys had my beds and rugs cleaned. Recommended

    Adrian RemediosSkerries

    Punctual, polite, efficient, thank you for great rug cleaning service

    Tomislav GrubesicTallaght

    Rug cleaned immaculately. Arrived on time and friendly service. I recommend highly to everyone in North Dublin

    Norah SlatteryLoughlinstown

    A friend of mine was sick on my rug, I contacted Be Clean Solution, and they arrived within one hour and cleaned the rug. Highly recommended.

    Luciana MarinDublin

    I smashed a red wine on my white rug. That was terrible, but Ion did his magic and my rug looks as new now!

    Matthew SmythMilltown

    They were very professional cleaners. Highly recommended rug cleaners.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I prepare my rug for the upcoming cleaning?

    No preparation will be necessary. You could move any heavy furniture that might be covering a rug to make cleaning easier. Otherwise our cleaner will free up the space by themselves.

    How long does it take for an average rug to dry completely after carpet washing?

    In a well-ventilated place, it should take no more than three hours to dry. Our steam cleaning & drying equipment is so powerful it can remove almost 95% of water that was used during cleaning and rinsing of your rug.

    Can you assure me that you can provide me with eco-friendly rug cleaning too?

    Yes, all the cleaning products used at our company are certified and are constantly being tested to make sure they are safe for humans, pets, and of course the environment. This way you can be sure that any solution used during carpet cleaning is natural and environmentally friendly.

    I am busy during the weekdays and would prefer that the rug cleaning is done on a weekend, do you offer such a service?

    Be Clean Solutions offers professional rug cleaning services any day of the year, including weekends and holidays. The time slots are also flexible.

    Do you have a hotline which I can contact for a specific question about my rug cleaning booking?

    Yes, the company has a very helpful customer care service phone +353 87 434 0043 as well as an online contact and request form which too will be opened and answered as soon as possible.

    Do you clean carpets as well?

    Of course, please learn more about our carpet cleaning services.

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